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Access - Open up the River Derwent Valley for paddlesports.


Together with the British Canoeing and the Derwent Valley Trust our ultimate dream and goal is to create a waterway from Ladybower Reservoir all the way to with the Derwent confluence with the River Trent. Starting with small sections between Darley Bridge and Cromford. Establishing parking, put ins, take outs, portages and camp sites with landowners and councils. Opening up access on Severn Trent’s reservoirs. Ladybower, Ogston, and Carsington. Increasing our use of Derbyshires historic canals.

Inspire - Inspire and enable local youngsters to take up paddlesports.


Set up a waterside activity base with changing, boat storage and class room facilities for use by local clubs, emergency services and activity providers. Give local young, special needs and less fortunate people the chance to try and take up paddlesports. Outdoor activity in such a wonderful environment will promote healthy lifestyle and help reduce mental illness.

Care - Preserve the River Derwent and protect it's wildlife.


Paddlers and other users can become guardians of the river by clearing rubbish from it’s waters. We will organise regular river clean ups, but encourage and promote daily removal of waste by all users. Leaving the river is a better condition than we find it. Much of the plastic waste thrown into the River Derwent ends up in the sea. Responsible paddlesports can reduce this massively.

Share - Responsibly and respectfully share the River Derwent with other users.


We’ll engage with other water users including fishing clubs and event organisers. We can work together on river clean ups and sport swap days. We can avoid paddling on fishing match and other busy times. We want to peacefully and happily share the river with all other users.

Promote - Boost the visitor economy by promoting local business.


Frequent and promote local businesses close to the water such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, campsites and tourist attractions. Encourage local business to reduce plastic packaging and promote responsible waste disposal.

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