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1. Do not trespass. Always get on and off the water in recognised public areas.

2. Park responsibly. Always park in car parks next to the river. Please pay and display.

3. Change discreetly. Don’t flash the flesh. Use a Dryrobe or similar. Respect the locals and other users. They probably don’t want to see your ass!

4. Clean the river. Pick up and take home any floating plastic waste. Leave the river in a better condition than you found it.

5. Respect other users. Pass fishermen silently, without splashing. Smile and avoid conflict. No matter what, stay polite. Report any conflict to British Canoeing. Keep off certain sections of river when Fishing Clubs have busy sessions or matches. Dates and time to be published.

6. Support local business by frequenting riverside pubs, cafes and attractions.

7. Do not venture out in conditions beyond your ability. Avoid flood water. Keep away from weirs and submerged trees. Wear the necessary safety equipment. Dress appropriately for the conditions.

8. Wildlife. Do not disturb wildlife. Pass wide and quietly.

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