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Peter Astles. Owner. Peak UK


I grew up in the Lake District and started paddling in 1979 when I was 9 years of age. Inspired by Colin Mortlock and Liz Savage who ran the 4 A’s - Ambleside Area Adventure Association.  I trained as a slalom athlete and as soon as I could drive I stole my mums car and moved to Nottingham to train at the newly built Holme Pierrepont Artificial Whitewater Course. In 1990 I caught glandular fever and could not train. So bored, I started Peak UK. Now almost 30 years on, my business designs and manufactures the best paddling equipment on the planet!


Paddling shaped my life. My friends are all kayakers and live all over the world. Paddling has taken me around the globe. My love of kayaking is the reason I created my company Peak UK. My company has run for 30 years. I employ ten people and sell my products all over the Globe. Peak UK gear is the best on the planet, winning many Olympic Gold Medals. I thank Liz and Colin for inspiring me back in the 80’s and I now want to return the favour by giving local kids in the Derbyshire Dales the chance I had. Please support the Paddle Peak Vision. 

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