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Cromford Mills Adventure Weekend Aug 28-30th. Event Details

Updated: Aug 26, 2021


Cromford Canal Wharf @ Cromford Mills.

Paddle Peak Weekend Timetable:

30 minute sessions of ten paddlers with two coaches will run every 45 mins throughout the weekend. We can cater for youngsters between 6 - 16 years old.

Daily Timetable:

9.30am registration

9.45am - 12.30pm. Paddling Sessions 1-4. ( every 45mins )

12.30pm - 1.30pm Paddlesports Demos:

1.30pm - 4.15pm Paddling Sessions 5-8. ( every 45mins )

Saturday Canoe Slalom Slalom Demo 12.30pm

With Team GB / Olympian Adam Burgess.

Free poster signing.

Sunday Sprint Kayak / Canoe Polo Demo 12.30pm

With the Worlds fastest kayaker and most Olympic medal winner Liam Heath.

and Team GB and Viking Venture Canoe Polo members.

Monday Freestyle Kayak Demo 12.30pm

With team GB and World Champions.

Information for Participants, Parents and Guardians:

What to wear

Participants please wear trainers or water shoes, wetsuits, shorts, thermals or rashies. Bring a towel and a change of clothes. Paddle Peak will provide life jackets, helmets and jackets. These items will be rinsed between sessions.

Risk and Responsibility

All outdoor adventure activities clearly have an element of risk, but the risk of significant injury is tiny in well managed activities. Participants all share a responsibility for safety, sometimes directly (e.g. whilst receiving instructions in sessions). Please listen carefully to any safety guidance offered and ask if you are uncertain.

PaddlePeak reserves the right to request the removal of a participant(s) from an activity if he, she or they, choose to disregard safety instructions.


The outdoor environment offers some less obvious and invisible health risks. These risks are however, extremely small. Water is rarely of drinking quality, it is therefore unwise to drink from the canal. In areas of slow moving water or close to habitation there is a very small risk of contracting Weils Disease from the infection of uncovered cuts or scratches. Please ensure all exposed cuts are covered with a waterproof dressing. Wash your hand thoroughly after paddling.

If you have a temperature, very severe flu symptoms, joint and muscle pains after, but particularly from 16 - 19 days following any watersports then see your doctor immediately.

Your Health

For your safety and enjoyment please make sure that we are informed of any relevant health issues (e.g. angina, asthma) and if necessary discuss these with your doctor. If you have any concerns don't hesitate to discuss these with us either in advance or with your Organiser on the day.

Paddle Peak Charitable Trust

Paddle Peak is a registered charity and an affiliated club with British Canoeing and provides specified activities under the following heading(s): Kayaking, Canoeing, Open Canoeing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding.


Paddle Peak is insured through British Canoeing.

Covid Measures:

Participants will have their temperature taken at registration they will also need to sanitise their hands before and after paddling. Please do not attend if you have any covid symptoms or if anyone in your household has covid. Please wear face masks during registration. Thanks. Paddling gear will be rinsed and wiped down between sessions.

See you at the Wharf...

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